Should Micro Center Change Misleading Product Descriptions?

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The following three AMD GPUs are described in their Micro Center specifications pages as PCIe X16 interface when in fact they are not PCIe X16 lanes. Here are the GPUs and actual PCIe lane specs and issues:

RX 6500XT (PCIe X4 lanes)

Tech media testing has shown the lack of PCIe lanes on the RX 6500XT is a serious issue on PCIe gen 3 cutting performance up to 45%. There is concern this is almost certain to extend to PCIe gen 4 as demanding, games arrive. A 5 year old RX 580 outperformed the RX 6500 significantly on PCIe 3 in many test.

RX 6600 (PCIe X8 lanes)

The missing 8 lanes have only been shown to be an issue in a few games on PCIe gen 3 "for now". There are concerns this could become worse with more demanding next gen games.

RX 6600XT ( PCIe X8 lanes)

Similar concerns as the RX 6600 above.

This has been an issue for the RX6600 (XT) since release, despite having contacted Micro Center several times requesting correction. It was highly disappointing not only to see this misrepresentation persist with full awareness but knowingly repeated once again with the recent release of the RX 6500 XT this week. Several prominent tech channels on YouTube have demonstrated this lack of PCIe bandwidth can be a serious issue on PCIe gen 3 based systems. They also demonstrate most budget consumers buying these products are on PCIe gen 3 based systems. Obviously, consumers should be made aware of the actual specs, and performance consequences, in a prominent fashion. Consumes who already purchased these products should be contacted and made aware of the misrepresentation with the possibility for refund or exchange.

Should Micro Center Change Misleading Product Descriptions?

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