Micro Center BareBone purchase BEWARE:


If you purchase a BareBone system verify if Micro Center supports it or if they are bound by the individual manufacture.

Bad motherboard network port should be as simple as contacting Micro Center for a replacement board when you have owned the product for only 2 weeks, but it turns out that is not the case. Nope they want the entire system back - the one that you pain Stakely built to your customization. Every cable you placed, every host you bent, they want you to undue all that and box up the barebone parts and ship them back in to replace as a whole versus just replacing the bad part. So this time you may have a good motherboard but a bad water block? I "liked" Micro Center" because I was working with real people and not some website - but it's turning out that this really does not make an inkling of difference.

Oh I can just have the MB repaired via ASUS, but I bought from Micro Center so I would not have to worry with those issues, arrrg.

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