Inland Performance Plus NVME firmware? Any updates for these drives?


I purchased the 1TB Inland Performance PLus NVME right when it was offered by Microcenter. It was a great value and the performance was awesome, but after a month or so, I started having blue screens on my computer. I thought it was the motherboard at first but even under a bios reset and default settings, it was still happening. Then I get 2 new sticks of ram. same thing. Format the drive, install windows again and a clean installation, blue screen happens again couple of times a week. No overclocking of any kind (since I thought that couldve been causing the problem). Out of curiosity, I had a 500gb WD SN850, which I swapped with the Inland Performance Plus. So far, I have gotten 3 firmware updates on the drive and NOT ONCE has the PC bluescreen in weeks. Is rock solid now. So I can assume the Inland drive was the one with issues. So my concern is, there are no firmware updates for this drive since launch and my WD already went through 3 and is rock solid. Why are we not offered firmware updates for our Inland Drives? You cannot tell me the drives were perfect out of the factory, yet I had issues with it. Are firmware updates available at all? This is the kind of support that makes me rethink buying any Inland brand products ever again


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    Greetings @Konrad999

    At this time there are no documented issues with this driver to correct. We do investigate failures and in the event an issue was confirmed that could be resolved with a firmware update, we would certainly make that available as quickly as possible.

    Lets discuss the BSOD you're seeing. Did you get a chance to investigate the minidumps? I like to use bluescreenview, though I suspect if this was a drive failure it probably wasn't able to write them. Do you recall what the bug check string on the BSOD was?

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