i5-11600KF temperature


How hot should my 11600kf temperature get with my case panel on It gets to around 100celcius and without it it gets to around 60-70 celcius and with the panel on it often crashed my game and turned off the computer so I want to know if its an overheating issue with the CPU.


  • itsBrian

    100C is the maximum temperature for the 11600KF. That means that when your CPU gets that hot, the CPU starts to operate with reduced power, in order to protect your computer. However, this means that the CPU's performance is being restricted in order to lower the operating temperature. If taking the side panel off your case is causing a temperature swing that large, then I would recommend you start by making sure that your fans are configured correctly and are running ("normal" design is with the fans in the front blowing into the case, and fan at the back blowing out of the case).

    What CPU cooler are you using with the system currently?

    Do you have a discreet GPU? If so, are its temperatures similiarly high when the case panel is on?

    Your options for reducing CPU temp in general are basically: add/upgrade case fans, get a better CPU cooler, replace your case with one that has better thermal performance. However, note that getting a better CPU cooler won't necessarily fix your problem if your system airflow is poor. And adding fans won't necessarily fix your system airflow if the case design is restrictive.

  • JeremyS
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    Was this a build you completed recently? Which cooler do you have? Some manufactures do not come with pre-applied thermal paste. Or it may be time to replace the thermal paste on your CPU cooler if its been a long time. Let us know if you maybe figured it out :)

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