3d printing filament out of stock

I have noticed much lower stock of filament at my local Microcenter store. Most of the filament colors and types are out of stock in store and online. Is this a supplier change issue or is printing filament getting discontinued? 

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  • Shanedor90
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    Johnny2dollar according to my research eSun. And I can confirm I bought a roll of eSun white PETG, it arrived on a VERY similar spool, had a slightly shinier finish off the spool but ended up being the EXACT same color and finish when printed. In fact it even printed with Exact same speed, temps, and retraction but with a smidge less stringing. The first thing I printed with it I even printed half with Inland then partway through paused and switched to eSun, and when it was done it was impossible to tell where the switch was. It is a bit more expensive BUT if your like me and started a huge project that will require 2-3 spools and Microcenter is out and not restocking in your area, this is how I got out of my predicament.


  • Ian

    Greetings. I'm not aware of any changes or issues to our 3D printer filament, I would say filament is just in high demand with our recent deals /coupons for 3D printers.

  • Grunthos

    This has been going on for weeks now. There is simply nothing in stock, and inventory is not being replenished. My local store (St Louis Park, MN) has virtually no PLA left at all. Is there any update on when we can expect to see shelves restocked?

  • Grunthos is correct. My local store, Madison Heights, MIchigan, has almost no PLA and only a moderate selection of PLA +. Been like this for several weeks.

    Tons of black PLA+, which does workout for me.

  • Just went to our Micro Center here in Houston Texas, we have zero PLA filament left, last month had hundreds of rolls. 
  • Same as Zyltech1fan here!! I live in Houston, working on a project and bought white PETG last week and our store almost had nothingthen. Went yesterday to get another roll and there was like 5 rolls of PETG most of which was 2.85 and bad colors (no white), 2-3 TPU spools, and then a bunch of protopasta. Was pretty bummed. Seems like a supply issue because this has been going on since before xmas here, but given they don't manufacture the stuff I'm just gonna order from the company that makes inland for them. Same stuff, just different label and get it in no time. Do a bit of googling and you can figure out the company😁 Happy printing.
  • Shanedor90, who manufactures for inland?
  • Grunthos

    Inland appears to be MicroCenter's store brand, although I don't know who actually manufactures it. It's in stock on Amazon right now, and when you buy it there, it shows "Sold by: Micro Center" on the order.

  • Oh and just for Funsies while I was at it I ordered some of eSun's "Glass Purple" Semi-Transparent PETG to make some stuff with!! It was on backorder but should get it Sunday! If it prints as good as their PLA+ and solid PETG do, I might have a new go to filament color for a while (was a little WAAAAY too into Prusament PPE Orange for a while there).
  • Semi good news fellas. I was driving around earlier and found myself down by our Houston Microcenter. Decided "why not I'm here anyway". They did a VERY small but still significant restock. They had ONE roll of PETG+ that I nabbed (this project is gonna take 3 rolls total) and some other good stuff (prolly 20 rolls of various PETG and 30-40 PLA)!! If your like me and have made yourselves some Masterspools, there was quite a bit of Spooless PLA as well.

    Side Note: This PETG+ has the finish much more like the eSun I have been using and TBH it had the most perfect winding I have EVER seen in a spool. Threw it on an hour ago printing same settings as the eSun and it's printing flawlessly.
  • doscomputer

    My local microcenter OP, KS has been cleared out of PETG and TPU for over a month now. I know the PLA is rebranded eSUN for sure but I have no idea about the others. Sucks for me because I really like this inland branded filament and have previously bought a lot of it.

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