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I am looking to upgrade to a new PC and have been coming up with various potential builds using PCPartPicker in combination with Microcenter's custom PC builder and one thing I've run into quite often is PCPartPicker saying that certain parts are not compatible, but get no such warning from Microcenter's PC builder. Note: None of these builds are final, just exploring my options. I am also aware that the power supply in the Microcenter build shows conflicts on PCPartPicker as well, which is why it's a 750 instead of a 650.

For example, here's a link to my current build on Microcenter's website:

And here is a link to basically the same build on PCPartPicker:

The main conflict I run into appears to be CPU coolers for the intel 12th gen processors that do not come with a stock cooler. Microcenter's website seems to suggest that these are compatible, while PCPartPicker says they're not. So should I trust PCPartPicker over Microcenter's website? Does Microcenter have some way to overcome these incompatibilities if I went ahead and ordered this custom PC? What would happen?

In addition, for the sake of argument, if I purchase a custom PC and not all of the parts are in, what is Microcenter's policy there?

I've shopped at Microcenter for several years now and I'm aware of their policy that they don't mess with anything you don't purchase from their store, but if they don't have compatible parts I feel kind of hamstrung in my options and I'd be grateful for some advice. This is the first time I'm looking to custom build a PC rather than just purchase a pre-built, as I want to be completely informed about everything going inside and knowing the capabilities and limitations of all of the parts, rather than having to just guess.

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    Hello @Averath

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community and posting your concerns with our PC Builder. The new 1700 Bracket with 12th Gen intel is still a big buggy for us as some manufacturers are including the bracket with recently produced models while others may have been on the shelf or in shipping longer and be lacking a 1700 Bracket. I will say that these are additional brackets that we do sell and any cooler that fits with these brackets are what I would recommend when picking a CPU cooler from us;

    I will definitely bring this up with our Webteam who manages the PC Builder to see what solutions we can implement for this.

    Regarding the last paragraph, our service desk will build with parts not purchased from us. The only thing we cannot guarantee is any coverage over those parts if you purchase a Service Plan as well as the inability to swap that part for an item off the shelf in the case it is defective.

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    if you check bequiet's own website they say they have a 1700 adapter you can buy separately for that cooler, it just isnt included.


  • GoshJosh
    And regardless, even if every list had been shouting "A'OK!" I would still go and research it. Make a post on a group I trust (👍), maybe send an email to BOTH manufacturers and generally just do some digging (which tells me that power supply is a big issue with newbs). The point is, don't trust an overgrown excel sheet to actually build the thing for you. Anyway, good luck! I'm currently working on my first as well.

    And did you know that newegg's PC builder is pretty nifty as well? 😅
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