Purchase online and pick up option


Can I pick up an item in store once I placed the order online for shipping? I just noticed its in stock and want it sooner


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @Steven1701

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!

    You can go pick up an item from the store however I do recommend cancelling the online order you placed for shipping. If you would like, I can cancel that online order for you.

  • Steven1701
    Thanks for the response.  I had to purchase online and pay for shipping due to the fact I went in store and my CC would not work at check out so I had to manually put in my CC number online to purchase and I just wanted to know if I could just go to the store and pick it up since I need it before this weekend. It's not due to ship until Monday.  I'm ok with the $17 shipping charge staying on there if I can get it now before stock runs out
  • TSPhillipT


    We don't ship from our stores, we ship from our warehouses. So we would have to cancel the online order if you do want to come in store to pick up a new PC.

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