64 GB USB Flash Drive Won't Stop Blinking


Seems to R/W OK but always blinking.

Tried quick reformat to both exFat32 and NTFS but problem persists.

Any ideas what's wrong ?


  • JS_MC

    The blinking is typically a sign of drive activity.

    To my knowledge, there is no way to deactivate this.

    May I ask, why you think this is something wrong?

  • GrantK

    It wrong because the blinking should stop when the activity stops.

    It blinks as soon as it's plugged in and never stops. When I do a quick format there's a pop up that says the format is complete but the blinking continues.

    If you have one of these 64 GB flash drives can you plug it in and see if it behaves the same way ? Maybe it's something wrong only with the part I bought.

  • Ian

    The blinking red light as LandShark says is only a drive activity light, it would have no effect on the drive's performance / ability to read/write files. If you want to ensure the drive is done reading/writing files when you are ready to eject it, select the Safely Eject option from Windows.

  • GrantK

    This is the only drive that acts like this. When the drive activity finishes the light is supposed to go out. That never happens which indicates that the activity never finishes.

    I assume you work for Microcenter. If that's correct could you please get one of these 64 GB drives and plug it in and see if it does the same thing as I'm Seeing.

    If you don't work for Microcenter could you please put me in contact with someone who does, someone who can plug in the same type drive and see what happens.

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