What is the safe operating temperature range of the Inland Performance 1TB Gen4 NVME SSD?

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There does not appear to be any technical documentation available on the part related to operating temperature and Inland I believe is the Micro Center house brand, so I'm hoping this may be answerable here. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the specific drive: https://www.microcenter.com/product/608455/inland-1tb-ssd-gen-40-pcie-nvme-4-x4-m2-2280-tlc-3d-nand-internal-solid-state-drive-with-heatsink,-read-write-speed-up-to-5000-mbps-and-4300-mbps,-bac I know it's older, but it's what I have. Thank you


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    Greetings. I would have to check with our product teams to see if we have an official specification. Typically SSDs do not have much issue even pushing up towards 70-80C much like a video card or processor. What type of temperatures are you seeing?

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