Drive Recommendation


I have a 1TB NVME boot drive (Samsung 980 pro) for my new PC and was reusing my old 1TB HDD for storage (games, pics, files, etc). Sounds like the drive is starting to fail, its pretty old. So I was going to replace it with an 2TB SSD. Any recommendations? I was looking at the following: Samsung 870 Evo, Crucial MX500 and BX 500. The drive I'm replacing is a WD Blue that's almost 10 years old, but I'm not loyal to a specific brand but want good price and quality. My PC does have 2 more m.2 slots, but a 2TB drive seems a little spendy compared to SATA. And it doesn't sound like there would be a noticeable improvement. 

 As for price, I'm trying to stay under $250.

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