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It's been nearly a decade since my last PC build, so I'm a bit rusty. While I consulted friends and the internet for advice while building, it'd be nice to get a bit of feedback about the build I ended up with. Here's the link: https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/custom-pc-builder.aspx?load=03c20e76-f7f5-41e5-be7d-a23955159755

As far as parameters go, I'd like to stick around this price point (currently ~$1300 with tax), ideally under $1500. Honestly most of what I use my desktop for these days is remoting into work, and I would classify myself as a lite/casual gamer. What finally convinced me to update/upgrade was my current PC struggling to run Subnautica at more than 5 fps, although Control does look cool as well (and is well outside the abilities of my 10-year-old machine).

I'm fairly set on the processor and GPU (current monitor is 1080p, no real plans to upgrade but bumping up to 1440p at some point might be nice). I could probably be convinced to go with 16 GB (2x8GB) RAM instead of 32 GB and possibly get a different case. I have a set of bluetooth over-ear headphones I use, currently with a USB receiver dongle. Is it worth getting a different motherboard or adding a wireless card? I have a wired connection at my desk, so the on-board ethernet port on the listed motherboard should be fine for internet.


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