Faulty NVIDIA High Definition Audio


Hello, I've had my custom built desktop using parts from Microcenter for a little over two years now and recently I've had an issue where my default sound device labeled "MSI G27C5 NVIDIA High Definition Audio" randomly disappears and due to that, my speakers will no longer work. The only work-around I've discovered is to either plug my headphones in directly to the PC or restart my system and the sound device will reappear. Every search/video I've found to fix "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" all work around the idea that the device actually exists in my sound category within control panel/pc when on my end the device just completely disappears from the system. I am unsure how to fix this as the disappearances are becoming more frequent and it's quite unhelpful when I am trying to actively study within school. What should I do?


  • Ian

    Greetings. Does this occur with multiple pairs of headphones and/or speakers? If your PC has multiple audio jacks, such on the front and the back, are you trying them in both spots?

  • Lucas_B1

    Hello, this occurs with multiple different pairs of headphones yes, my monitor that I received the MSI G27C5 comes with an audio jack which I proceeded to plug my speakers into rather than directly into the PC itself (I plug my headphones into my speaker when I need to use them), I have yet to try to unplug my audio jack from the monitor and try it in the PC as previously this did not work. Would you recommend attempting that?

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    Try to see what's going on with the root audio controller. Check for High Definition Audio Controller under "System Devices" when this happens again. You may have several. Check the hardware IDs under "Details". Nvidia is 10DE. Lets see if it disappears or throws an error code.

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