My repair order has taken over 20 days to fix my computer with a minor issue. What do I do?


I sent my computer in about 22 days ago, and thought it would take only 2-3 days like every other repair order I've made. This time, something had gotten stuck in the charging port and I didn't have anything to pull it out with. It would charge, but it wouldn't go up, it would just stay the same and go down when it wasn't charging. I figured it would be an easy fix, just pull out whatever's in there! But apparently the computer needed new parts, and they were going to contact me 12 days later. I was shocked. What the heck would take them 12+ days to fix?! At the time I thought it would only be 12 days, and I figured I could just buy one of those cheap Chromebooks for work/school. But no, all of my work files are on that computer. I got mad and contacted the person working on my computer via text and they just told me "The parts are still en-route. I can't control shipping." I said it was fine and waited a week. I texted again, same answer. I checked the tracking site. Order not found. What on earth could be taking so long to ship these parts? Do I even need them? What do I do?

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