Hi I Submitted my build but no coupon 4 days later. What gives?


I discovered the $25 coupon on deal news and on the Microcenter site. https://community.microcenter.com/discussion/10156/submit-a-build-get-25-absolutely-free/p1 Since I've rebuilt my computer a couple times and added so many customizations wouldn't that be considered a build? When someone restores a classic car and turns it into a hotrod is that not a build?

So I didn't get my coupon. Is Microcenter just trying to harvest our system information just so they can turn it over to the NSA or something? Come on guys, I did a lot of hard work on it that most people couldn't do and put some work into entering all my restorations and upgrades from 90% microcenter parts. Just because I didn't paint flowers on it and put pink pinstripes on it doesn't mean it isn't a build.


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