Need best quality modem/router for a 1 Gb internet service.


I've searched the internet and YouTube for the best quality modem/router for a 1 Gb internet service. What is the best and who has it?


  • Ian

    Greetings. That would depend. How many computers on your network? How many via Ethernet? Looking for any specific features?

  • JeremyS
    JeremyS ✭✭
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    Hi, its been a while since this post, wondering if maybe you picked out a good router? Some things to consider with new routers is the speed output, the processor in the monitor, how many devices you may have, and how big your house is. There are some really good overkill routers that are well over $400 that will 100% take benefit of your gig internet.

    Most gamers would want a router with good processors to reduce latency and reduce network interruptions if multiple people in your house are using the internet. The quicker your router processes the less lag, stutter and latency you have. Things will be more snappy.

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