I have a question to ask anyone who know about how to setup the PXN V9 ?? cuz my steeling wheels work prefect but the problem is the shiffter and paddles not working right so i don't know why it act weird after i setup my PXN V9 and i did set everything up and follow step by step so once i did that then i went in American Truck Simlutor and try to play and try test to drive but once i put gear 1 shiffer it make sound horn and then when i change the gear 2 it make the engine turn off and then again when i change to gear 3 game on Pause and also when i click gas paddle truck won't move so that is why i need someone who know how to set them up and do teamview to help me though this to get everything stright and everything in right order u know i mean.... so comment me anytime Thanks


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