Graphics Card for Oculus Quest 2 to an HP Elite Desk 800 G2 SFF


Hello - My son has an HP Elite Desk 800 G2 SFF. It has an integrated graphics card. He recently got the Oculus Quest 2 and wants to plug it into his HP with a cord we bought to play games. There are some requirements in terms of graphics and my questions are:

1) Can you install a separate graphics card into this computer to supplement the integrated one?

2) He is currently playing things like Gorilla Tag and some shooting game on VR, I think these need pretty high graphics. Is the computer itself going to work even if we do upgrade the graphics card?

3) He is looking at something like this: Will that work?

Let me know if I should include the product number or something.

Computer looks like this: and has the i5 processor.

If this is never going to work and he is better off just upgrading to a different PC, please let me know that as well.



  • Hello

    1. You can, pretty much any PC with a PCIe slot will take a GPU (but read further)
    2. Adding in a GPU will pretty much leave everything else about the computer the same
    3. That card should work, but it won't be sufficient for gaming, especially VR

    You're going to run into two different issues:

    1. The case your computer came with is low-profile, meaning only specifically made low-profile graphics cards will physically fit, and especially if you're interested in doing gaming the options you have will be very limited
    2. the power supply integrated into your computer will likely need to be upgraded in order to support any decent GPU

    If I were going to be completely honest with you, I'd say your best bet would be to either find use for the computer elsewhere and go with a new PC or if you only need one computer just sell the current one and replace it with something built around being able to game. You technically could upgrade your current computer with a new case and power supply, but at that point it'd not be worth it.

  • Ian

    I would agree with the above poster, going with a new PC overall will be your best bet.

    A Link/Quest 2 requires a video card with at least 6GB of video memory to run properly. You can view more information on recommended specs on the manufacturer's website

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