Need help picking an AMD CPU and Mobo


Hi. I'm someone just working on her first PC build and know literally nothing about what I'm doing. I recently bought a B450 Tomahawk motherboard from B&H photo. However, I visited Micro Center today and learned that they don't have the CPU to work with it. I'd have to upgrade to a B550. Problem is, the Houston store has like 6 different 550 motherboards, and I need to find one that works with this Ryzen CPU.

Can someone help? I'm not looking for super expensive parts. This isn't meant to be a high-end gaming rig or anything. I'm not looking for B550 motherboards worth more than $200. $200 and below is fine for me. I just need an answer fairly soon so I can adhere to the B&H 30-day return policy. :)

I'd also like to know if the rest of the stuff in my build on PC Part Picker would be compatible. I'd assume it would be, I'm just paranoid and need reassurance. Link to the build is here. Just ignore the current CPU and Graphics Card in the build. The Graphics card I got is this one:

Thank you in advance,



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