Why has my order not shipped yet?( packing slip created but no status yet)


My order was "shipped" meaning that the packing slip was created but no status yet, I have been waiting for 3 days and I also ordered overnight shipping, 2 of my orders were sent back due to no there to hand it to or recieve it, i thought they would just leave it there on the porch but instead they took it back to their facility and sent it back the the microcenter in dallas tx.

I had a total of 5 orders 2 were supposed to come on Feb 15 Tues and 3 had only the packing slip created but no package recieved yet, could some admin or someone look into this for me :> ty.

By the way i'm on a alt currently due to me being on a school computer, my main is Ca2 on the forums and bnnzd on microcenter online shopping ty once again and please look into this.


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