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So starting about 6 months ago my mouse started randomly disconnecting for a second or two and reconnecting and it was annoying, but I thought nothing of it until it started getting worse and worse until all my USB devices would randomly disconnect and the game I was playing would crash. So I tried a friend's mouse to see if that was somehow the problem and it fixed it so I bought a new mouse and have been using that since until about a week ago my mouse started disconnecting randomly again and a few days ago all of my USB devices would disconnect again. I went on tech support chat with someone from micro center and they told me to try to update bios to see if it fixes it. I did that and after the update, my windows stopped botting. I would get a blue screen and the 0xc000000f error message. I googled around and they all said that a BIOS update gone wrong means I need to reset the bios chip or whatever or get a new motherboard. So I bought a new motherboard (AMD B550 for my ryzen 5 2600x) hoping it would fix my problem but it is still happening. Please help.


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    Updating the BIOS is a good place to start here. There was an issue on older AGESA microcode versions that caused USB devices to disconnect intermittently. The new BIOS should indicate it's on AGESA Patch C and this issue should be resolved. I don't recall this resulting in CTD's, but it's certainly possible depending on the game.

    Now, as for not being able to boot. This does NOT indicate a bad flash, you wouldn't likely be able to POST at all. It sounds more like the BIOS update changed your CSM setting. Go into the BIOS, under boot. Is CSM enabled or disabled?

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