Need helping pick out parts for recording music and gaming pc

Hi, I have never built a pc before and I would like to build one. My budget is $500-$1000. I’m looking to mainly run Protools for music recording but as well like to play games such as Call of Duty, COD Custom Zombies, Warzone, Rust, Valorant, CSGO, Gmod, and Minecraft. I’m not looking for insane fps or graphics, but something that can get the job done and good. Especially for music recording, I do not want any issues with storage, delay input, and buffer size. Well capable of running well over 60 fps on those games. No problems running them graphically, but nothing overkill. I don’t care about looks or colors, so I would like to save money in that department. I use an Alienware 25 monitor and use a Scarlett audio interface. 


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