Can I fit a 300mm pump/reservoir combo in an O11 Dynamic EVO?


So I've been picking out parts that I want to eventually buy for a PC I'm going to build. I decided pretty early that I wanted it to be custom water cooled, and was quickly pointed to the O11 Dynamic EVO as a good case for that. Fast forward and I'm picking out a pump/reservoir combo for my loop. The EKWB Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM D-RGB pump looks really good, but I'm worried that I may not have enough space for everything in my loop if I choose it. It's not a problem with whether or not I can fit the pump (as you can vertically mount a 360mm radiator in the case), but whether or not I'll have enough space for the tubing afterwards. Should I stick with the 300mm or downsize to the 200mm?


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