Streamlabs OBS/ Elgato mic & sound issue

edited February 2022 in General Discussion
What’s going on community!?! First time here in desperate need of some help. I picked my first streaming rig from micro center 3 days ago and while I’m blown away at what an awesome build this is, I seem to be having some issue setting up my equipment. I am a console player on a PS5 and trying to use my PC to stream using streamlabs obs. I have the elgato 4k60 capture card, elgato chatlink cable, blue yeti nano as a mic and my hyper x wired headset. I’ve connected the chat link cable correctly to my ps5 controller and headset as well as to the back of my Pc as a “line in”. I honestly don’t know if I’m missing something as I am new to all this but I’ve watched at least 50 YouTube videos trying to fix my issue which is no audio coming through at all in game chat, no one is able to hear my while using my yeti nano. I don’t know if it’s physical issue or a streamlabs issue I’ve run out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance. 
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