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A lot of people say Microcenter is great store. Well from what i have seen at the Madison Heights store, It's sub-par. the shelves are disorganized and a mess. For an all month the component i'm looking for as been sold out, (Not a GPU). Time for new management? I haven't used my insider card yet because the things i need are always out of stock. Again not GPU's, other things.


  • Scary_Guy

    IDK, I visit the Madison Heights location quite frequently and I think it's probably the best electronics store in the area. It all depends on what you're looking for though. Some things may only be available online or are out of stock, which seems kind of silly to me since you'd think they'd want to keep at least one laying around. I did see you can suggest products for them to carry too.

    I will say you're partly right on the organization. The shelves look nice, but some items/parts that I'd expect to be in one section are off in another part of the store. Generally the sales people know where things are, even if it isn't in their department, and everyone I talk to genuinely tries to be helpful as they can as well.

    I do think there are some things that they could do better, but they do seem to be at least trying which is really all I ask. They may not be exactly the best, but they're certainly better than anywhere else I've been to, and anything else like that Radio Shack on 12 Mile is now long dead (and let's face it, in their later years they were just a glorified cellphone store anyway.)

  • Data129

    You are correct about Radio Stack. But once upon a time Radio Stack was the place to go.

  • Scary_Guy

    It was, and they had a lot of great pro/hobbyist DIY stuff. MC has a section for some of that at least, which I'm happy about because that area used to be reserved for PC/console games which even at that time I thought were useless so I'm glad that the area is being put to better use. It's still not at the level of the Shack proper where you could get individual diodes and resistors but it's at least something.

    I kind of wish they'd turn something into a conference meeting room and host hobbyist groups, or at least teach some people basic computer skills. But the hobbyist thing makes sense to me because they could show off some tech and if MC carries it they could just go buy it or the parts to make it right then if they wanted.

    I kinda wanted to start a local 2600 group in the garage room at the Logan's for that reason but that's gone now as well unfortunately, though it was on life support for years before that. Hard to find a good restaurant with a separate meeting room though.

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