Brand-new Inland drive malfunction


So I've racked my brain over this and I can't figure out what went wrong. I got a new Inland 512 SSD and tried installing Windows 11 for a friend's friend and it wouldn't run the software that he wanted. So I figured "fine, I'll just wipe and put Windows 10 on it" except it wouldn't wipe, at all, no matter what I tried, in both Windows and Linux. I even tried Parted Magic, TestDisk, even the Windows Disk Management on an external system. I also tried diskpart's delete partition override and even attributes clear readonly just in case.

It makes me want to burn the laptop and move to a part of Appalachia where if something beeps they shoot at it.

At least I don't program because if I did I'd probably be a raging alcoholic.

Anyway I think we're going to return it and try another brand. I was really hoping it would work too as it was recommended by a helpful associate at the tech desk.


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @Scary_Guy

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community and I apologize for the issues you are having with your Inland SSD. It definitely sounds like you know what you are doing when it comes to using the drive and installing an operating system onto it. With all the information that you provided, I do think the best option would be bringing it back to our store for a return or exchange of the drive. I apologize for the inconveniences but I am sure our store can definitely get you taken care of.

  • Scary_Guy

    Thanks, I just hope it's just a one-off and not a bad batch of them or something, but I highly doubt that would be the case. I've usually had decent luck with Inland. Told my friend to either go with a different brand or get a 250gb which should still be plenty for their needs.

  • Ian

    Sadly failures like that can happen to any brand of product, the Inland drives are really well reviewed so it's not a normal thing. We would be able to assist with warranty options directly at the store.

  • Scary_Guy

    Thanks, it's already been taken care of and the laptop is up and running (client went with a Samsung.) This was more about trying to figure out what went wrong and why. The service desk associate said they'd probably destroy it as is policy for anything but there was no real sensitive info on it yet, so I suggested they play with it or send it back to see why it failed exactly.

    Actually the store clerk didn' t really know the protocol and the service guy called a manager because he wanted absolute clarification. I really appreciated all the care taken but it wasn't really necessary for that particular drive.

    It would be cool if there was some type of waver I could sign that said it was okay to at least tinker with it to find out what went wrong and/or restock it in the event it could be repaired (because I hate to see possibly fixable product go into the trash, since you guys do pay for it and it just creates more e-waste.)

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