Powerspec G438 Runs Hot (CPU)

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Have had this PC for about a year. Not too many problems so far. Have had to spray compressed air in the case every now and then, but recently have noticed my CPU hovers around 85-90C when playing Xplane 11 or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

GPU is fine. Never goes above 65-70C at most. I am using default OC settings in the BIOS (Turbo + 1 I think) and maybe that's the problem? Is a 240mm AiO not enough for overclocking? I feel like my 10700K won't last much longer at those temps, under load. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Greetings @TSmith1908,

    85-90C is not overheating, the CPU will throttle at 100C. I don't see these temps under load decreasing the life expectancy of the CPU in any meaningful way. I would say the 240MM is handling your overclocking. If you want to lower the temps, disable the OC. The Turbo +1 is supposed to add 1x multiplier to the stock turbo boost, but I'd assume it's significantly increasing vcore to hit those clock speeds. This is going to increase your temps.

    I'd try to figure out what the overclock is adding. With overclocking, it's always a game of figuring out where the wall is between clock speed and voltage and when it's not worth it overall. I'd turn the setting off, check your clock speed and temps. See what this is netting you in both clock speed and temps. I'd look at the vcore as well. As an example I can think of with my old 7700K. I could hit 5.0Ghz at 1.31V vcore. I had to push it to 1.39V to stabilize 5.1Ghz. A tenth of a volt is not worth a 100mhz. I'll attach a screenshot of that old OC. Overclocking with Intel is about getting as much as you can, then walking back your voltage as much as you can get away with, without becoming unstable. Automatic overclocking is generally not very conservative either. Add to that simulators, are generally pretty CPU intensive as compared to most games.

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