Can we get a black themed "DarkMode" for the website?

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So, I have high functioning autism (*shocker*) and bright lights/colors can mess with me a bit. I'd be willing to bet that other shoppers are afflicted with this as well.

Now personally, I use an extension called Dark Reader to change the color layout of ALL websites to a darker theme. However some may not have such a plugin on their browser of choice (especially if it's a brand new computer they just bought from you guys.) Even more they might not know such a plugin even exist if they're not computer literate yet.

What I'm suggesting is just a switch in the upper right corner maybe to the right of the user icon which changes the colors of the website to a darker theme. Do you guys think you can get that done? Like I said, I'm actually good but I'm thinking about others that may benefit from this.

EDIT: I found a possible solution to this. has both free and paid options. Looks like it works very well, even with my plugin on. There may be other options out there or maybe you can come up with something "in-house."

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  • Ian
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    Greetings. It's something I can have our team check into to see if that is an option we can add.

    I was going to suggest an extension to your browser that can recolor/re-skin websites but you already mention that is working, so currently that is the best suggestion I'd have for right now unless we are able to add something officially to the site itself.

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