Is this a good PC build? and do the parts work with each other I play call of duty and Fortnite



  • Scary_Guy

    Sorry, Apparently only you can see your build. The link you posted just takes you to the generic builder site with no entries put in.

    I haven't used their builder but if there's something like a "share my build" option then that is probably what you're going to want to use to post the link.

  • ChanceChanceChance

    Looks like you didn't link the actual parts list. The link above takes me to our custom PC Builder tool, not actually to your list of parts. Make sure to save your build, and then link us the given hyperlink under where it says "share" on the right hand side,

  • Hefner

    I think I fixed it

  • Scary_Guy

    Looks like it works now. The fun thing about the builder is all those parts should be compatible as that's the point of the builder (unless you manually turned that option off.)

    I will give you a few tips though. First is that this isn't a fashion show. Unless you're trying to impress friends or you stream and plan to show it, or even if you just like nice things, then it doesn't matter what it looks like. I'd also avoid anything that says "gaming" personally because sometimes that is just marketing hype. Also keep in mind if it's going to be in the same room you sleep in it can make for an annoying noisy nightlight if you leave it on.

    If you're building a new PC you may want to just check into one with DDR5 RAM. If you're comfortable with DDR4 though then that's fine. Though DDR5 does have some ECC features which are better for your file integrity.

    Speaking of RAM, those lights on the RAM are useless now. There used to be RAM that had lights that would tell you how empty/full it was. They really need to bring that back as RGB that does nothing is kind of sad to me.

    I will say I really do like ASUS boards though so that's a great choice. Though if you can find one without onboard video that may be a bit cheaper since you aren't going to use it (I think most of them include it these days though.)

    If you have an existing computer you may be able to get away with using the case, power supply, video card, hard drive, etc... Really the only things you need to get at the same time are the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. If the current computer is a proprietary "big box" build then that won't work (and if it's a laptop it REALLY wont work.) Also if it's a very old system then it is possible the power supply or other components could be incompatible with the board as over time the component standards change. Usually they have to be very old parts.

    If you're going to get Windows don't get Windows 11 yet. Get 10 which is cheaper and they'll probably give you a free upgrade anyway when you're ready. Windows 11 is also still fairly new, so it still has some bugs for them to work out anyway.

    If you stay well enough under budget you can use that money for other things. Like I said if you want to stream you could get a nice external DAC, boom mic, headphone setup. Or maybe some games on whatever digital game delivery service you prefer.

    Anyway best of luck to you.

  • magarity
    magarity ✭✭✭✭
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    A friend of mine has that case and the glass is rather dark so you may not be able to appreciate the RGB ram properly. I do recommend you consider either a different case or the non RGB ram will save you some $$ unless you go to a MC in person to check out the display model and see if you think the glass is not too dark for your preference. Actually I am pretty sure he has that same motherboard also, it is a decent model.

    The Ryzen 5700G has a built in graphics processor so a better choice to go with the graphics card you selected is one of the 'X' versions, 5600X is an excellent choice.

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