Recommend a business grade graphic card.


I pulled my nidvia 1080ti out of my Asrock x370 mb with a ryzen 7 (3700x) . I would like to make this my “work” computer. 32mb memory, 1tb m2 drive, three 4tb sata drives.

I plan on upgrading to windows 11 and need a recommendation on video board that will handle business programs without extreme overkill and $$.

My Main programs beside web editing would be excel, word, publisher, photoshop (printed and web graphics) and small video rendering (clips for web news stories)

computer is built and just waiting for a new graphics board.


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  • magarity
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    Avoid the GT 710 cards no matter what.

    MC has some GT 730 that are decent for office work but make sure you pick one of the ones with GDDR5 memory. A few models have GDDR3 memory and they are no good. However even those not-bad 730 have few of the latest connectors. Do you want DisplayPort or HDMI? More than one of those? You may need to go with a GTX 1650 in that case. Those start at $230 (not sure how to interpret your budget of "$$") and would be super for office and light video.

    Alas. it is a terrible time to need a video card.


  • Jrflyers

    Thank you this is kind of information I was looking for. I figure my old gaming computer would be fast enough for office work just needing the video card. Did not want to over buy or buy something cheaper that could not handle the job.

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