(Re)Introducing Reputation - Rank Up and Get Rewarded!


The Micro Center Community has always been a great place to learn something new, chat with other tech enthusiasts, or just get help with a new build. But now we want to reward you for doing just that!

Introducing: Reputation Rewards.

We've been hard at work revamping our point system to make it even more rewarding, with new tiers, new reactions, and of course, new rewards. Here's what's changed:


We've made ranking up easier than ever and are introducing rewards for each level:

Rank 1 - Member:

Members are brand-new to the Community. They can still post and engage with the Community, but can't post external links.

Rank 2 - Enthusiast:

Ranking up to Enthusiast is as easy as adding a profile picture and making a post and boom! You're a full-fledged Community member with external links!

Rank 3 - Power User:

Once you hit 100 points, you rank up to Power User and gain access to the members-only section of the Community. What goes on in there? Only Power Users and above can say for sure.

Rank 4 - Professional:

At 250 points, you know your way around the Community, and you know good stuff when you see it. Which is why you'll be able to "Promote" posts, instantly boosting them (and the poster!) by 5x more!

And stay tuned! More ranks (and more rewards!) will be coming at a later date.


You've been able to "Like" posts on the Community for a while now, but we've upped our reaction game. Now, reactions give users 1 point per reaction - and can lead to even more points with badges!

New reactions:

  • Vote Up - Perfect to show your appreciation for a good post!
  • Awesome - See something cool? Let the poster know!
  • LOL - Did a post make you laugh? Give em a point!
  • Insightful - Was that post exactly the help you needed to fix your BSOD problem? Boost it with some Insightful reactions!


Our badges haven't changed much, but there are more of them! Now every reaction has tiers, rewarding more points with each new badge you earn!

and that's just the start!


Throughout the month of March, earning points won't just level you up on the Community, it has the chance to score you some sweet Micro Center swag including a $250 Micro Center gift card!

Each week, we'll be giving away a free Community-exclusive Micro Center t-shirt to the user at the top of our leaderboard. Then, at the end of the month, whoever has the most points overall will get that sweet, sweet $250 Micro Center gift card.

How to enter

 (see terms and conditions for full contest rules):

Just hang out with the Community and earn points!

Points can be earned by:

  • Getting badges
  • Getting reactions to comments and posts
  • Answering questions

That's all there is to it - so go out there and make some new friends!

Good luck!

See attached contest terms and conditions.

Contest entry window: 3/1/22 – 11:59 PM EST 3/31/22

Four winners will receive a Micro Center t-shirt

One winner will receive a $250 Micro Center gift card


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