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Hello, so I really want a pc because I love playing PC games on my laptop but sadly a ryzen 3 processor with mid graphics doesn't get me much so I want to upgrade.

 I really want a good pc but I'm a poor kid so I can cough up about 700 USD at most (I wanted to stay in the 500 regions but after trying to look for parts I quickly found that would be hard) if you guys have any good recommendation or builds that would help a lot!! thankyou.

also, games I would like to play on said pc consist of apex legends, Warframe, Sims4 (with a butload of mods), that one new cat game coming out, slime ranchers, and some light live streaming. I also draw, I'm a digital artist so I uh use a bunch of storage. (would also like to mention that I am not an idiot I know 700 won't get me ultra graphics and whatnot, medium or high is a-ok for me."


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    The hard part with your budget is that trying to buy a graphics card is still bad. I think you should seriously consider a Ryzen 7 5700G with integrated graphics. It will be better at graphics than Intel integrated graphics still for games although the very latest Intel CPUs are faster CPUs. The games you listed need decent graphics but not hard core, so I really think the 5700G will do you OK. Use the 'start your custom pc' on microcenter's front page and go through the choices starting with a 5700G for the CPU and it should automatically list things like motherboards and memory that are compatible. Pick a case you like, etc, except you won't need a video card if you go with the 5700G. Post the link here and someone can comment on it from there.

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    Check out my modified $650 build(although it doesnt include windows, it does pack some decent specs for now under $600 :D). To disagree with the comment made by magarity, I think fitting in a graphics card is really essential and you can fit in a GTX 1650 right now, which will pack much better performance than the 5700G Vega 8 APU Performance with a similar price. The 600W PSU and Intel Core i3-10105F can handle a better graphics card later on as well, if you want to upgrade to a higher end graphics card.

    My micro center links are malfunctioning, check back later.... :(

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