Work from home plus light gaming - Micro Center Build

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imageWork from home plus light gaming - Micro Center Build

This is my primary work from home PC for writing, video editing, and light programming. It's also my gaming PC for the light gaming and emulators I play.Everything is no-nonsense and the best bang-for-the-buck possible - processor, RAM, and motherboard

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  • OICU812

    I want a pc I can use to rip and catalog my extensive DVD and Blu-Ray collection. I need fast processing, for streaming in and out to share with my other devices which are both I-phone and Android. I need 10 tb of internal storage. Speed and storage and high-quality video. I do make my own videos as well, so I would like about 6 high speed USB ports, as well as high speed wireless in and out. I have never tried to buy a custom-built unit before, so I really do not know where to start. I would like to get some help putting together a unit. Thank you. - OICU812

  • aihuman

    I had R9 290x from Power color and man the thermal paste they used was like clay. It eventually died. Wonder if they still use that thermal paste to this day on their new GPUS 🤔

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