I currently have a RTX 3060 and am planning to upgrade. What GPU should I get?

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Just looking for somewhere in the near future once prices drop. Just answer below for what you think I should get.

I currently have a RTX 3060 and am planning to upgrade. What GPU should I get?

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  • TAPEthan

    Probably the 3070, as on eBay you probably would get the best value for those. However, if you can snag a 3070 TI or 3080 for a good price(I'd say under like $800 for the 3070 TI or under $1000 for the 3080), that is a more significant upgrade and you should go for that.

  • magarity
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    Uh, its super hard to even guess. The 3060 is pretty good but you dont say anything at all about why you think it isnt good enough. If the question is, you have tons of money you dont know what to do with, get a 3090 Ti that's going to release on the 29th of this month.

  • Ian
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    Hard to say. I'd suggest reviewing benchmarks/reviews for programs/games you use with your card and see if there is enough improvement worthy for an upgrade.

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