How do I install ESET. I keep having an error "Activation helper v2.1 not responding.


I just purchased a powerspec pc from MIcro Center and purchased the ESET anti-virus. However, when I fire up my PC and try to go through the prompts the "Activation Helper v2.1 not responding" happens and my mouse wheel just spins then the window crashes and I have to close it. I feel as if I wasted money seeing as I cannot activate. Has anyone else had this problem? Could anyone point me in the right direction or should I call my local Micro Center and get a refund?

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    I'd advise getting the refund.

    10 years ago you maybe needed an antivirus that makes sure you don't download any malware or trojans. However Windows Defender on Windows 10/11 does an amazing job of protecting your computer. Any kind of antivirus is just going to suck resources and you're paying for something that you already get for free with Windows.

    Of course there's limits to this, don't download and open questionable files from shady websites.


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