USB camera splitter

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I'm looking for a hub for a USB camera so I can send the video to two devices at the same time. I didn't realize this was such a scarce item?


  • magarity
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    USB just doesn't work that way.

  • iamnotapizza
    Not sure if that is possible but you can try some alternatives, like
    1. Yawcam to host on main pc and stream on another via the local ip on a web browser.
    2. Using a capture card>OBS>what ever you want.
    3. USB network gate might work but is paid for commercial, it has a 14day trial you can do.
    4. Some specialized KVM that allows 1usb to 2pc.
    In my opinion the capture card is the best option. Hope this helps. 
  • andrewp16

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm just a little concerned of the probable video delay/lipsync issues with most of these devices. I'm using the camera for high quality video presentations, but will check them out.

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