Ender 5 Plus Printer - Bed thermistor not registering temperature correctly (no physical trauma)



I recently bought a Creality Ender 5 Plus. I ran into an issue where my print bed thermistor is no longer registering the temperature. The bed still heats, but the thermistor doesn't seem to register it. It hovers around 11-13 degrees celsius on the display. The Hotend registers the temperature when I heat it up, but it does display the temperature as 130C even when the hotend is cool.

No physical damage should have been done to the bed thermistor, although I did replace the hotend with a microswiss all metal direct drive system that I also purchased from MC.

I do have an octopi set up, and I did a PID autotune (and adjusted esteps) with help from this video:

YouTube: "Ender 5 Plus Micro Swiss Direct Drive Upgrade - With all metal hot end!" (I can't post links yet)

Everything was working fine for a couple days.

I ended up executing a M502 followed by an M500 (factory reset and save) and have leveled the bed again, but trying to heat the bed, I see a message that says "Heating done" on the screen, but the thermistor never reads the correct bed temperature (it actually does heat up)

Please help!


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