What is the Monitor Refresh Rate Sweet Spot?


It's Monitor Madness this month at Micro Center, and the Community is celebrating with our own week of Monitor Madness!

Today, we dropped our first article on monitors, focusing on common monitor features and finding the best one for you, but it brought up an interesting point:

For games, arguably the most important factor to consider is refresh rate. This is how many times the screen can “refresh,” or update its content every second. Most traditional monitors have a refresh rate of 60 Hz, showing that they refresh 60 times per second. However, more recent gaming monitors can deliver 120Hz144Hz240Hz, and even 360Hz displays. This makes standard mouse movements on the desktop look much smoother, but it’s the effect it has on gaming which is far more dramatic and important.

Which got us thinking - What is the perfect refresh rate for a monitor?

Vote in our poll, and be sure to let us know why in the comments!

What is the Monitor Refresh Rate Sweet Spot?

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