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I had MicroCenter build a new PC for me. I picked it up yesterday. When I turn the system on, I received a "CPU Fan Error" message. I can go into the BIOS and exit to get around this error message. I'm very disappointed that MC would deliver this PC with this problem. I called tech services and the tech indicated that this was a problem with the water cooling kit. He then placed me in a hold queue with a wait time of 40+ minutes. Can anyone help with fix this problem?


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    We apologize for the trouble, but this is likely a false warning. Most likely with that cooler they attached the tach sensor to the AIO PUMP header. You're getting a warning because there's nothing connected to the CPU_FAN header, you'll get this on ASUS boards. I have the same board you do and my system is setup the this way. The reason I typically do this is I want my pump running at max RPM, that's generally the way water pumps are designed. I don't want to the board throttling it. AIO PUMP headers generally have no thermal control.

    Press "Del" on startup to enter the BIOS. Go to "Monitor". Verify the RPM on the AIO header is positive. Verify your CPU temperature is normal. Set the CPU Fan Speed - Ignore.

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    Yes, water cooler AIOs cause this. It was a simple oversight to not disable that warning.
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