Will I get faster internet ping and faster internet speed from a Wifi 6 wireless router over ethernt


I currently have a mesh system of 3 wireless google wifi things. One connected to the router downstairs, one in the living room, and one in my room which is upstairs. I have a ethernet cable from the wireless google wifi to my pc. My internet speeds have been mediocre at best and I was wondering if I could benefit from purchasing a wifi 6 router. If I put the router in my room and got ethernet from that would I get better speeds and latency?

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    If you connect your ethernet cable to your main router that's connected to your ISP with fiber or coax you will get the lowest latency and highest possible bandwidth. Buying an additional router as an extender will definitely improve your internet speed/latency compared to a nest wifi (I think that's what you were referring to) but it may still lag slightly compared to a direct ethernet to your main router.

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