So Open Box is very broad in scope?


Late Friday night/Saturday morning my son placed a hold for an "open box" LG 27GL850, a very well-reviewed monitor at a great price. I was very surprised to see my son walk out carrying a monitor, "open box" was really no box and no anything else. My son said the guy at the register assured him either LG or Micro Center had tested the monitor. OK, been shopping Micro Center since the 1980's and the store was on Lane Ave. and I have never had any issues. We get home and go to mount the monitor when we realize this monitor does not use the standard 3 prong power cable like many monitors and computers, it uses an AC power adapter that he was never given. So my son calls the store about an hour after picking up the monitor and was told they would look for it and call back, 2 days later still no call. So just how does Micro Center define "Open Box"? This is starting to sound vaguely similar to the Gamer's Nexus Newegg fiasco that I am sure Micro Center's public image benefited from.


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @MPetrarca

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! Open Box just means that the item was taken out of it's box. This can mean that the item was returned by a customer, was a display model, or opened up by a manager to show to a customer. I apologize for the inconveniences that your open box monitor is causing you and it is definitely something we would be able to take care of. The only issue is that we do not typically carry brand specific AC Adapters and I cannot confirm if we have the AC Adapter for your monitor in our store.

    I think the best option would be coming into the store to do a return. Further assistance or compensation can be provided by one of our front end managers when bringing in your monitor for return.

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