GPU Dark Ages - What GPU is even Decent for less than $400?


At this point, the GPU situation is horrible. Vendors have made it a crap shoot to try and navigate between models, availability is terrible, costs are insane, and I literally can't even figure out what I am looking at anymore.

I recently built an 8-core Ryzen AM4 machine and need a dedicated graphics card. OBS streaming, generic video compression and presentation, not intended for gaming specifically and more for studio use and streaming live performances. I can maybe justify a $300 to $400 onn adding a GPU purchase, but have no clue what to buy anymore.

Any suggestions? Pointers?



  • magarity
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    Actually it is a lot better than 3 months ago

    Have you looked at Radeon 6600? they have 8gb vram and h265, h264(4k) encoders. Prices are around 400.

    Note the 6500XT which costs less does NOT have any encoder.

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