Recommendation the best wifi router that works with Nord VPN subscription?



Can you please recommend the best wifi router that works with Nord VPN subscription to create a home VPN wifi router ?

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  • Ian
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    Some questions so we can assist with making a recommendation: Who is your ISP? Does this have to connect to any devices required by your provider? Are you looking for a specific amount of ports or anything like this on the router?

  • allenwhite

    Just a quick note - If your goal is wanting to setup NordVPN on the router itself, many Asus models will work perfectly for this.

    Further details can be found on NordVPN's support site. I'm a new member, so currently am unable to post links, but if you visit support . nordvpn . com and then select the Connectivity category -> then select Router -> and finally select 'How to set up a VPN on your router' - which was the top/first tutorial guide result at the time of this posting.

    I realize this post was a few months ago, but am hoping this info may still help others wanting a NordVPN/Router solution

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