The GMMK Pro Prebuilt Keyboard – Micro Center’s New Time-Limited Exclusive!

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Written by Sean Mekinda

Glorious’ brand-new keyboard is out now and available exclusively (for now!) at your local Micro Center – Announcing the GMMK Pro Prebuilt!

The GMMK Pro is the newest 75% keyboard from Glorious, a company already known for stellar build construction, incredible style, and remarkable customizability. And the GMMK Pro ratchets all that up to 11.

What it is:

The GMMK Pro is the keyboard for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals. Built on a hefty, CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum body, this absolute beast of a keyboard weighs a whopping 3.3 pounds. It comes stock with (swappable!) pre-lubed Glorious Fox Linear mechanical switches for silky smooth typing and gaming, topped off with gorgeous white keycaps. Underneath that is some of the most vibrant per-key RGB I’ve ever had worked with, offering 16.8 MILLION colors. There’s even a very subtle, light RGB strip on either side of the keyboard, just to give it that nice little pop on the sides.

And that’s just the big stuff. There’s also the fabulous, detachable braided USB-C cable, programmable dial on the top right, wonderfully comfortable included wrist rest, high quality keycap and switch puller, and additional swappable keys for mac use. But that’s just what’s in the box.

The GMMK Pro is compatible with the Glorious CORE software you know and love, as well as QMK if you’re looking for something a bit more open-source. Just like with all of Glorious’ other keyboards, it is wildly customizable and incredibly intuitive to use.

The Quick Review:

I’ve spent the past week working and gaming on the GMMK Pro and it is genuinely one of the best keyboards I have had the pleasure of testing. From unboxing to set-up and through use, this is a luxurious keyboard.

Opening the GMMK Pro’s thick box is like opening a pile of gifts. You know that one of them is a keyboard, but there’s still so much to unpack and open. Layers of protective foam hide more toys and tools, like some seriously well-made keycap pullers and the robust, braided USB-C cable that goes toe-to-toe with the sturdiness of the keyboard itself.

That hefty 3.3-pound weight is something I was initially worried about – it seems like it would be far too heavy – but I really appreciate just how solid it makes the whole production feel. Even in my most intense gaming, the GMMK Pro isn’t going anywhere, and keypresses feel resolute without feeling like I’m going too hard. It even feels really nice for day-to-day work, offering nice, solid auditory feedback when the keys bottom out without disturbing my office mates.

The Glorious Fox Linear switches are incredibly quick and responsive, even without the immediate tactile feedback of brown and blue switches. The fluidity that comes from pre-lubed linear switches is genuinely stunning. Keypresses flow seamlessly into one another with no hesitation, whether you’re typing a keyboard review or scoring the game-winning ace in Valorant.

If your only hesitation about the Pro comes from the 75% size, worry not and absolutely pick it up. Being a 75% keyboard, the GMMK Pro removes the standard number pad and smushes together the right side of the keyboard to fit everything else, such as the arrow keys and page up/page down keys. As someone who traditionally uses full-size keyboards, I was expecting some adjustment period when I started using a smaller board, but the Pro feels so ergonomic I really never noticed a difference. Within a few keystrokes, I had fully adjusted and was typing at my usual rate.

A noteworthy surprise is how far Glorious’ customization software has come. When I built a GMMK Modular Keyboard last year, I noticed a serviceable, if a bit underwhelming, software suite. The new CORE software is vastly improved, overhauling the UI and UX experience and making customization an absolute breeze.

Specs at a glance:

  • Size: 75%
  • Switches: Pre-lubed Glorious Fox Linear Mechanical Switches
  • Connection: 6ft Black Glorious USB-C cable
  • Keycaps: White GPBT Keycaps
  • RGB: Per-key and side lighting with 16.8 million colors
  • Weight: 3.3lbs
  • Size: 332mm x 135mm
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Body
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Programable Rotary Encoder
  • Also included: Glorious Keycap Puller, Glorious Switch Puller, Glorious Padded Wrist Rest, Additional keycaps for Mac, and Glorious Logo key

Final Thoughts:

Glorious is a relatively new entrant in the keyboard market, but after last year’s showing with their GMMK Modular keyboards and this year’s absolutely stunning GMMK Pro, they have 100% cemented themselves as a leader.

The GMMK Pro is luxurious, sturdy, and an absolute joy to use whether you’re gaming or working thanks to incredible craftmanship, stellar switches, and gorgeous RGB lighting. If you're looking for a new top-of-the-line keyboard, this should be at the top of your list.

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  • esarhaddon

    NEVER waste your money on the Keyboards from this company. When they work they are fine, BUT the company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and will not talk to you. They start out claiming they will E-mail you over the next 27 years to help you with your problem but then all you do is wait. This company is a total fraud. I now have a pretty night light so I don't stub my toe when I get up in the middle of the night.

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