Will microcenter replace my PC if their repair center messed it up?


I bought an Ibuypower gaming rig for about $2350+tax back in November which I am well aware is past the 15 days. But long story short the PC has been godlike for gaming until about a week ago....it started heating to 115c so I took it in for repair. The repair tech could not recreate the issue so he just did a clean reinstall of windows and charged me $99. I pickup the PC and it is FUBAR. My games that were getting 100-180fps are now getting 25 fps. My download speeds are going from where they capped at 10-12Mbps down to 2Mbps. My audio drivers are completely FUBAR and no reading any of my headsets. My Corsair Keyboard only functions as a normal kb now...none of the G/macro buttons work. My Logitech 502 mouse is having the same issues of the left and right buttons work but nothing else. My RGB lighting no longer works, and my Aorus 3070ti has a display that used to readout different info like time/temp/gpu usage/clock speeds/ect....now it just shows dots and lines.

I have plugged all my peripherals into my old PC to test and make sure it wasn't them because i found all 3 dying at once a bit unbelievable...guess what they work in my old PC.

So I am just done at this point. I want my cash back or a replacement PC. I know it is outside the 15 days but it had NONE of these issues before I dropped it off....it was just getting a bit hot when gaming. I dont trust the repair team to touch any PC i own again so i just want an equal PC to replace it(which is only $1999 as of now now instead of the $2350+tax that i paid) or I want my full $2600 back and the $99 on the service fees that broke the PC.


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    Greetings, this is something we can look into with you and pass your information over to the proper store. I will send you an email to gather more information.

  • Baracuda2004

    I have it at the store right now, and caused kind of a stink about it, but the manager wasn't very helpful at all he insisted that before replacing the PC they would have to try to repair it one more time, but I honestly don't trust the employees at that Overland Park Store after the performance loss I experienced after the first time they "repaired" the PC. I'm going to rigorously run as many test as I can just like when I first bought the scene and if the numbers are even slightly off I am going to be back inside the store again. I really hate that they can't just replace it after the thousands and thousands i've spent at that store. I have 14k followers on YT which is a tiny drop in the bucket but lots of them are from the KC/OP/Olathe area, so if they don't make it up to my standards I've decided I will do a full 10min expose on how they treated me and called me a liar "You didn't buy this here we don't sell Ibuypower machines that's bestbuy products." then changed their minds after they saw the receipt. So I am just going to suggest no one in the area buy anything more expensive than an extra cable/wire from the store and suggest they order online from newegg or amazon from now on. 14.5k is nothing compared to most YT but it's enough and i have enough of them that hang on every suggestion I make that it'll at least cause a bit of financial recourse for their inability to directly replace the machine they damaged. I went in there with a very nice cordial manner at first but when they said they didn't want to help me I changed my mind and i'm going to try to see if I can get people to stop shopping there instead. When I was a manager at Hy-Vee, Best Buy, Costco we would regularly make the customers happy even if it meant losing a little profit on the spot(i say little because i know it would just be refurbed) because the happiness would bring them back over and over. That was not the attitude I ran into at the Overland Park store, and I it just makes me want to do everything I can to stop people shopping there in the future. I do promise I won't post it until I have the PC back in hand and fully stress test it to make sure it's pristine like the day I bought it....but if it's not then i'll just post it. I know this doesn't affect you, but it makes me feel better about how i was spoken too by the employees/repair people there. I am replying to your e-mail you sent with the reference number you asked for.

  • Kozakura

    Just to check, after Micro Center reinstalled Windows, did they reinstall the drivers for your GPU as well as your RGB controlling software? I wouldn't imagine they would, which would mean any macros saved to your Corsair keyboard are gone unless you saved them to the internal memory of your keyboard. This would also mean a lot of your drivers for Networking and Audio may not be in and it would be a good idea to stop by the motherboard manufacturers website to grab the drivers there.

    I would mention that 10-12Mbs down is fairly low nowadays as well for internet download speeds and most basic packs from ISPs start at 25-50Mbs. If it was starting there, you may have had some internet issues or paying for some really low internet download speeds. I know Spectrum in my area offers 200Mbs at the minimum and although this is under ideal scenarios, speeds should still look higher than 10-12Mbs.

  • Baracuda2004
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    It is not my programmed macros that I am talking about. It's my MACRO KEYS like G1-G6 that no longer work no matter what I program them to do...as well as my Volume/RGB/Play, FF, RW keys on the keyboard that no longer work on my "repaired" system when they work perfectly fine on my older PC with the 1080 in it. I contacted Corsair about the USB issue with the headset and after sending it to them they confirmed that a poor windows install flashed their software off the USB drive which is what made it start reading as "CONEXANT USB AUDIO" and stopping it from reading in the software, so they are sending me a replacement USB dongle to fix it for $20 shipping. So microcenter charged me $99 to break my PC now I have to pay $20 to get a replacement for the USB headset dongle that was also bricked by the companies shoddy repair. I am absolutely livid about this. Also I get 10-12MB not 10-12Mbps which is different. My Mbps is 100-120 turbo boosted.

    If you took your Ferrari into the shop with 1000hp to get it's oil changed and they gave you the car back maxing at 300hp you'd be pissed too. Which is exactly what I am seeing happen with the PC when they returned it. I was getting 180-240fps on ultra settings and in the same games I was then only getting 40-70 max which is entirely unacceptable for a 3070ti that I bought in November and showed NO FPS issues before dropping it off with them on that Friday. Even the issue I thought was a heating issue they confirmed they couldn't find anything to replicate it. Then said my machine had been BSOD'ing constantly over the last month according to their software report but i never once saw a single BSOD before dropping it off with them. I feel 100% scammed. They obviously just wanted me to spend more cash at their store. I'm getting more and more angry just typing all this out.

    I have 100Mbps boosted to 120Mbps it translates to roughly 10MB-12MB/sec is what I was told which is the standard speed you are talking about.

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