Bought an Open Boxed Asus X570, ended up with a B550 in the box???


So this is my first ever time posting on this forum so idk how this is supposed to work. This post isn't really to hate on microcenter as I'm sure this is a kind of rare situation.

This morning I went to Microcenter with one of my friends to help them with their build. I'm pretty well experienced in tech and last time he went alone he got upsold into buying a 2TB nvme m.2 because the dude said barracudas suck, but whatever that's not really important. On his last trip, he bought an open boxed motherboard as well, which ended up coming without a cooler bracket, so we went to go return it and buy a different board. We finished checking out and ended up deciding on an Asus X570+ WiFi (open boxed: complete). Before checking out, we asked a sales associate to check the board to see if it had a cooler bracket, since the last board didn't. Turned out the board didn't have a cooling bracket - odd because it said complete but it was fine ig cause the sales guy gave us one for free. We ended up checking out and headed home about an hour away. We got home to get started on the build wasn't even the right fricking motherboard. Inside the box was an Asus B550 Plus WiFi, and we couldn't even use it if we wanted to bc it came with an X570 I/O shield. I contacted the store as soon as I got back and they are supposed to be contacting us later tonight in order to ship a new board and return the old one. I come to Microcenter often when it comes to my PC needs and I've never had any issues aside from today. I'm sure their open-box verification process is thorough so I'm not sure how this mistake was made. My own motherboard in my personal build was open boxed from Microcenter and it's been going strong. With this build however, it's been two trips to Microcenter (which is an hour away) with a not very great experience each time.


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