Design a Racing Sim Rig and Win a Racing Wheel, Pedals, and Shifter!

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If you could design a racing setup however you wanted, what would it look like?

If you've already got a parts list, just a loose idea, or maybe never even thought about it before, we still want to see it! And we've got the perfect tool to showcase it: the Micro Center Racing Simulator Builder!

Start with your base - a seat, stand, or base - and add everything else you need to make your in-home setup uniquely yours. Then, share it down below with a short (or long!) description and you'll be entered to win a PXN V9 racing setup, including wheel, pedals, and shifter!

 How to enter (see terms and conditions for full contest rules):

·        Join the Micro Center community

·         Build your dream racing setup using the Racing Simulator Builder on the Micro Center website.

·        Post the link from the “Share” widget in the comments with a short description of why you picked your parts!


How to create your custom sim in the Racing Sim Builder

Step 1. Head over to the Racing Sim Builder

Step 2. Fill out the builder

Step 3. Copy the link from the share box on the right-hand side

Step 4. Paste the link in this thread and tells us about your rig!

We can't wait to see your racing sim setups!

Good luck!

See attached contest terms and conditions.

Contest submission window:  4/18/2022-11:59 PM EST 4/27/2022

One 1st place winner will receive a PXN V9 Universal USB Car Sim 270/900 degree Race Steering Wheel with 3-pedal Pedals And Shifter Bundle for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch


  • andy_l_oh

    Tried to post my link but it wouldn't let me. Snapshot included:

    I think my selections are a good and solid setup for a home racer like myself.

    Love Logitech products but I feel the PXN V9 would be a better fit for my driving style.

    Have always wanted a home setup and winning the PXN V9 setup would be a great start!

  • Crossfire

    I have been wanting to get into iRacing. Never given it a shot but heard good thins about the Logitech set up! I stream video games on twitch and believe my viewers would enjoy iRacing streams!

    I have to be around longer to post links so I shared a screenshot instead!

    Won't let me post links yet, so heres this screenshot.see attached screenshot. (On mobile though so it won't let me show the add ons :neutral:   )

    Go big or go home right? Pedals were out but other than that I made sure to select an adjustable rig. I'd want one that can be enjoyed by my shortie girlfriend and my tall self. Lol.  Also it wouldn't let me add the cup holder but I'd get that too! Stay hydrated of course! I'd definitely pair this with a 3 monitor setup or a super ultra wide. 

    Definitely a dream setup with this price tag but would be super awesome some day! Works for everyone and would last forever with care. 
  • KLaymon

    F1 is my racing of choice. What better seat than the F-GT Lite. Get that low-to-the-ground feel of F1. Logitech makes solid driving components, especially from what I've seen with the G923 series with the non-linear brake pedal. The G502 mouse is a solid performer for FPS, so why not use it on a sim? Overall, I think this is a good build that doesn't break the bank, but has some really nice components.

  • Rymidal
         The reason why I chose the parts I did is because I was trying to find a balance between performance and price.
  • gqrbqge
    gqrbqge ✭✭✭
    First Anniversary 5 Up Votes Combo Breaker 5 Likes

    Here is the Link ^

    In my racing simulator, I went for the casual gamer who played racing games 2-3 times a week but also plays other games. I started off with the smaller chair due to me not having enough room for the larger one.

    First I chose the PXN V9 Steering Wheel since it's not too high of a price and it looks great in my opinion.

    Now I chose the Thrustmaster TH-8A Shifter, I choose it for 2 reasons, 1 it looks so cool and it seems more realistic 2 the one that comes with the steering wheel looks kinda ugly in my opinion.

    Third, the ASUS monitors I've had amazing lunch on they always have been nicely packaged and always have good customer support so I chose the ASUS over the AOC Brands.

    For the Keyboard and mouse I choose the Steel Series Keyboard due to my friend having it and it works so nice I wish that I would buy one soon, and the mouse I have an older gen of this mouse and I absolutely would buy a new one soon.

    The speakers don't really matter to me as I'm mostly gonna wear a headset for a better experience.

    Overall These choices suit me the best due to the looks and the cost of all the items I hope this wasn't too long to read and have a nice day!

  • Rano_M5
    Always wanted to get a racing sim setup after seeing a couple of them in person and how fun they can be. 

    Chose the seating that looked atleast comfortable. For the steering wheel and pedal combo I chose thrust master after hearing good things minus the pricing lol. And paired that with a Logitech shifter as I have seen this combo a lot on other setups. Steel series keyboard to match with the steel series headset I have at home. Razer mouse because “Razer”. 27 inch asus monitor for that 2k experience. Lastly speakers I just went with redragon because they looked better. 
  • BigGuyGamer12

    Here is the setup I would have. I do some racing in my free time only with a keyboard and the occasional Xbox controller so this would be a big upgrade!

  • sojiiken

    Great starter Logitech racing setup, with plenty of room for upgrades. Has solid products and features for any beginner level to sim racing. Some products are wireless for ease of use.

  • lymanamyl

    Went with a Logitech build since there wasn't much choice in the builder. Also went with the PLAYSEAT EVOLUTION seat since it looks sturdy but still compact. And the leather will probably hold up better than the alcantara.

  • fromo

    Always wanted a racing setup. This one is great with a wide monitor to make driving easier. Had to post like this because i'm not allowed to post links

  • Simeon

    Never had a racing simulator in my life ..its my first time i am building one hope i will win so i can give it a try good luck to everyone


    i just picked stuff that i though was super cool!

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