why is MC in Denver not talking to anyone?


I am attempting to set up a new build and ask questions about parts and I'm ready to drop a pretty serious amount of money on it but the chat functions on the site don't work, they show up but when clicked, do nothing. i can't find the phone number for the store anywhere...so it seems like the only way to actually communicate with them is to walk in...problem is i live in a different state and was making the trip to Denver JUST for this, and i only have one day to do all this stuff... so how the F*$#@ do i get in touch with some one to help me out?!?


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    Sorry for the trouble. Typically our sales reps in-store are working with customers directly in the store throughout the day. The chat line would not be directly to the store, I do see you were in touch with one of our email reps and they offered to collect your contact information to forward an email over to the store for a contact back.

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