Can I Return 4 Days after 30 Day Window? Still Unopened.

I purchased an external hard drive and two flash drives at a physical store. They’re still factory sealed, unopened, and not damaged. I am 4 days past the 30 day window and I did not request a gift receipt at time of purchase. I did not think I had to get a gift receipt for my situation. There’s nothing wrong with the items and I still have the original receipt. They’re still in the shopping bag I got the day I bought them. They were originally apart of an upcoming surprise gift package for a now ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Is there a leniency window if it’s a few days past the return window? Would I get rejected the return at the physical store regardless? 

Boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, of 5 years cheated. Purchase was apart of a gift.  Items aren’t needed anymore and I didn’t ask for a gift receipt.  It’s past the 30 day return window by a couple days.. Products were never opened and they are not damaged. Would I get denied a return regardless, even if it’s past 4 days? 


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