Thoughts on 240hz monitors?

Finally upgrading pc and was debating on whether I should get a better monitor now too. Always thought about getting a 240hz monitor and was curious as to other peoples' experience and opinions on them. I know the difference between a 60hz to 144hz is much greater than a 144hz to 240hz comparison. Currently have a 1440p 144hz one so it's even less of a reason to switch. There are much fewer options when it comes to choosing a 240hz but somehow that makes it more difficult to choose. Monitor model recommendations also appreciated.


  • Ian
    Ian admin
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    Greetings. The main thing holding back 240hz monitors in my opinion would be whether or not the game you are playing will actually get any use out of it. If the games you are playing are only outputting at 60 or 120, you wouldn't get any use. If the games you are playing are maxing out below the 200 fps number, you wouldn't get full use out of it. 1440p 144hz is top end monitor for a lot of people monitor-wise for most games.

  • Simeon

    go for it...i have a Samsung Odyssey G7 32-in 2560x1440 240Hz

  • JZhu17
    @Simeon not really into curved monitors. Any other suggestions? Also I think a 1080p would be better since it will be harder to get consistent 240fps at 1440p.
  • Aodhan_Gorman

    I have the Alienware AW2721D (240hz 1440p NanoIPS) and while I love it, my 3090 struggles to ever get close to the maximum FPS in anything other than eSports or older games. This being said, it does give me the flexibility to play something like Valorant at crazy sharpness and high FPS while still playing something more graphically intense like Forza Horizon 5 at a solid 144fps with G-Sync enabled.

    But it definitely becomes an issue recommending this because of the requirement for such an expensive GPU. Depending on how much you want to spend, what graphics card you have, and most importantly what games you want to play, I would say 1080p 240hz may be just as good an option as 1440p 144hz. It really is an argument between high fps titles vs. high graphics titles on which kind of display is best for you!

  • xStorm33
    I’d say send it. I have the tuf 280HZ monitor but I love having the extra frames. Personally I think it shows a big difference. 
  • tbarggs
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    I also own the Asus VG259QM and strongly recommend it!

    25 in 280hz 1080p for only $299.99.

    Obviously, you won't get the best value unless the games you're playing are pushing 240fps. However, for the games that do, it's an amazing choice.

  • TreBouncee

    Acer Nitro XV252Q Zbmiiprx 24.5"

    24.5 1080p, (up to) 280hz, .5 ms response at 229$. Hell of a deal.

  • smaddaus

    A bit late to the party but this is an amazing deal that we have going on right now. 27" 2k 240HZ IPS $399.99 - its on sale, normally its $799.99. Definitely can't complain about these specs at that kind of sale price. Hurry up and get it before the sale ends, I'm looking to pick one up tonight!

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