Why a mobile number when shipping to home address?


I've ordered things from MicroCenter before, definitely for pick-up (earlier this year) and possibly delivery some time ago. But today, when I tried to place an order for something to be shipped, I could not get past the shipping address screen: the web site didn't like the home phone number that's been on my account for probably 20 years.

We’re having trouble registering this mobile number. For the security of your Micro Center account, please try another mobile number from a major US phone carrier that is not a prepaid, Internet, or VoIP phone number

I don't understand why MicroCenter wants a mobile number. I don't really want MicroCenter to have my mobile number - I don't need texts about shipping status, an email is fine, thank you. And anyway, my phone is prepaid, and that message seems to indicate that it wouldn't be acceptable anyway. Am I not allowed to place an order if I don't have an "acceptable" mobile number? And why isn't a landline -- that's in the directory along with my address! -- acceptable?

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